Help for researchers into post-university careers

Help for researchers into post-university careers

Icon-Lrg-Box-GroupIt gives me so much professional satisfaction to move the seemingly unmoveable, and no more so than to help highly specialist career professionals to find a route forward when the outlook had previously seemed quite bleak.  I’m also sufficiently pragmatic to realise that if I explain, in detail, how Careers Enhanced has helped Post-doctoral researchers in UK Universities, for example, to transform their approach to career advancement, it may not resonate with you as I would hope!

So instead I’d like to introduce you to Dr Steven Maude, who started to question ‘what next’ as his postdoc research contract at the University of Leeds was coming to an end.  Talking of the University of Leeds Research Career Architect Programme, which was tailored and facilitated on this occasion by Careers Enhanced, Steven said

“it’s been greatly helpful in pointing out alternative careers and taught me a lot in how I should be presenting myself to prospective employers”

This is really welcome feedback, particularly as Steven explains his starting point as being “incredibly fed up following rejections”.

Click here to read Steven’s views on the programme, and his thoughts on how Universities can help develop researchers’ post-university careers.

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