Icon-Lrg-Box-ArrowUpAcquire the confidence and the know-how to fulfil your career ambitions in your specialist field.

Ruth Winden - Coaching-82 updatedYou may have your career ambitions clearly mapped out, and now you require some expert guidance to help you to plan how you should take the next steps.

Or maybe you aren’t quite sure where you’re heading for the next phase of your career as yet – although you’re definitely committed to moving on.

Whether you’re looking for career progression, facing redundancy or you’re not currently working, when you’ve been successful in your chosen field, and established in a particular job or profession, it can be quite daunting to even think about making a change in your career.

Through working with Careers Enhanced you can take a systematic approach to career management and job search.  We can work together to re-evaluate your skills and expertise, helping you to be really clear about what you want, and what you have to offer.  This will give you the confidence to present your strengths and the value you can bring to a prospective employer, perhaps in a new field or sector altogether, so you can get started on your career advancement.

  • Executive Career Coaching to confidently map out the next steps you want to take in your career
  • Team Role and Personal Branding Assessments to get a clear picture of your ideal job role
  • Evaluation of Strengths, Skills and Attributes to identify new career opportunities
  • CV and Profile Development to have the best chance of standing out amongst the crowd
  • Interview Skills Training to get you prepared to perform at your best on the day
  • Career Retreats to immerse yourself in planning your future career

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Thanks for getting my brain in gear with your suggestions and encouragement. I’ve had a job offer, starting on a higher grade, and 10% more salary!

— Senior Manager in the Construction Industry

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