7 reasons having a career coach could enhance your life

7 reasons having a career coach could enhance your life

No matter how much we talk about the work-life balance let’s face it, work usually wins!  With so much time spent at work, making the right moves in your career, and doing a job you really enjoy, is so important to a happy life.

I can honestly say that I rarely come across anyone who couldn’t benefit from coaching at some time in their career (and I include myself in that!) although career coaching is probably not the first thing on your shopping list when you start to think about moving to pastures new. In fact I do think career coaching is often the very last resort – every avenue has been investigated, rejections are piling up, so eventually, in desperation, I receive a call.

But it doesn’t have to be so.

Here are 7 reasons having a career coach could enhance your life

1.  You will make the right choices

The world of work and careers is becoming so much more complex, with rapid change and new technologies, including social media, leading the change in career management and job search forever. We almost have information overload, and with so much contradictory information online job searchers need a guide they can trust.

A good career coach has the tools, knowledge, short-cuts and experience to help you to make informed and wise career decisions and choices, and to save you time they usually have a sharp machete to get you through the jungle so you can find the right path!

2.  Career decisions aren’t one size fits all

Happiness doesn’t come as one-size fits all, so career decisions don’t either. Of course there is a huge amount of information online available to help, but there’s nothing quite like a tailor-made plan that builds on your own experience, circumstances and aspirations.

 3. You’ll make more money, faster

It takes a real investment in time to get a new job, get that promotion, or  make a career change.  A Career Coach will find you short-cuts, and the process is likely to be more enjoyable, faster and more fruitful. As well as saving time you’re likely also to make more money – so even with the career coaching fee you’ll be ahead financially;  it stands to reason that if you can get that new job, with a bigger salary, sooner, and have the skills to negotiate a greater salary than you might be able to achieve on your own, you win!

4.  You’ll be brimming with confidence

One of the greatest challenges, whatever your level of seniority, is CONFIDENCE. Career coaches are trained to see your strengths, to identify your unique selling proposition with greater clarity, and to make sense of your career. With this knowledge at your disposal you’ll be empowered to present yourself confidently and effectively to prospective employers, senior decision makers in your organisation and your peers.

 5.  There’s nowhere to hide

Life is busy, career management takes time, and so often all good intentions just stay – intentions.  Don’t let years go past with inaction because of lack of time, overwhelm or lack of knowledge.  A career coach will help you to move forward, at a steady pace, and help you take CONSISTENT action.

6.  We all need a crutch, sometimes

Depending on your situation, but especially if you’re recovering from career setbacks or redundancy, managing your career forward can take its toll.  A career coach can take the pressure of you – it’s true that a problem shared is a problem lessened – and can help you manoeuvre through the rough times and maintain a sense of perspective, maintaining your confidence that there is a great future out there for you.

7.  You’ll build career management skills for life

Through working with a career coach you’ll not only be managing your career for the here and now, but you’ll be investing in the future too.  You’ll learn skills, and gain a new confidence in yourself and your abilities, that will stay with you for life.


So how do you find the perfect career coach to enhance your life?

This could be a whole blog post in itself, so I’ll leave you with just one suggestion: do your research.

If you’d like to find out more, click here to read a short article from The Guardian that will help you to explore your options


  1. May 20, 2020 at 6:39 am

    You will know it that you need some career coaching when you feel your confidence seems failing and that you couldn't control it. Challenge yourself to do more than you think you can.

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  2. July 3, 2023 at 3:57 am

    After feeling lost and overwhelmed in my professional life, I decided to give career coaching a chance as a last resort. Little did I know that it would turn my world around. My career coach helped me navigate the ever-changing job market, tailored a plan specifically for me, and boosted my confidence like never before. Thanks to their guidance, I not only found a better-paying job but also gained lifelong career management skills. If you're hesitant, just remember that sometimes the best decisions are made when we finally ask for help.

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