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Careers Enhanced is at the forefront of careers innovation so, by working with Ruth Winden and her network of partners in the UK, Europe and US, you can keep in touch with new thinking and networks that underpin and bolster the value of the careers profession.

Ruth Winden is a thought leader in the careers industry, a masterful coach, and a savvy job-search strategist.

— Susan Whitcomb, Career Coach Trainer and Author, The Academies

Ruth is an Advisory Board Member of the US-based think tank Career Thought Leaders.  As well as active participation in the US, she spearheaded the introduction of the annual Global Careers Brainstorming Day in the UK, now an annual event since 2010.

A key advancement within the careers profession over the past few years has been the emergence of social media.  Online tools have changed the landscape dramatically for job search and career management, and Ruth has taken full advantage, to give her clients the edge.

social media careers strategist

Ruth is a certified social media strategist, unique to the UK, for which she followed social media training programmes in online professional networking; microblogging; social networking.  She is now a certified expert in incorporating LinkedIn, facebook and Twitter into high level job search strategies, and regularly runs one to one sessions, group workshops and webinars in all areas.

  • Mentoring for careers professionals
  • Social media career strategy
  • Key note speaker
  • Global networking, sharing best practice within the careers profession
  • Business development and communications for career professionals


Ruth is expert in the field of Career Management and highly respected by myself and many other Career Development Professionals. She is always willing to share her expertise and has been a key contributor in the re-launch of the Association of Career Professionals International in the UK and subsequently its integration into, and the launch of, the Career Development Institute (CDI) in the UK. Her involvement and input to the ongoing growth of the CDI will be valuable to the future of the Career Development profession.

— David Cordle, Career and Business Development Coach, Dave Cordle Coaching