10 online tools to enhance career prospects

Ruth Winden talks about online tools for career enhancement in Careers Matters bulletin Jan 2014Careers Profession When I discuss online career and job search strategies with clients, their first reactions are not always positive.


What are their worries?

  1. They don’t know where to begin.
  2. They worry about the time it takes to see results.
  3. They don’t feel tech savvy enough.

With the right help, training and support, these are all barriers that can be overcome. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube are all high ranking platforms. This makes them excellent tools to position yourself strongly online. They are too good an opportunity to miss to enhance your career.

Read the full article, published with permission from Career Matters, to find out how to use social media sites for career advancement.

Read the article as published in Careers Matters Jan 2014 here

Ruth Winden is the only certified Social Media Career Strategist in the UK.  social media careers


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  2. Jake Parker
    September 21, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Thank you for your information. I appreciate your article. Thanks for sharing the information about the top 10 tools for career coaching.

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