Icon-Lrg-Box-ArrowUpRuth Winden is a careers professional whose work enhances lives, reputations and prosperities

Ruth Winden has a reputation for career innovation. Her clients value her drive and energy as well as her demonstrable expertise in the careers field.  She is recognised internationally for her ability to enable and inspire both people and organisations to achieve their full potential, and increasingly as a thought leader amongst careers professionals globally.

Through committing to her own professional development, Ruth has been able to continually innovate her approach to stay current – and often ahead of the game – despite the rapid pace of change in the world of jobs and careers.

Ruth is constantly seeking new opportunities, for herself and her customers. Relocation from her native Germany in the early nineties, to take up a place on a European Scholarship programme at Cambridge University, proved to be a transformational experience for her, leading Ruth to commit to building a career in the UK. She has subsequently driven career innovation for two decades across diverse sectors – Local Authority, Higher Education, Charity – and within progressive industries such as telecoms, chemicals and engineering.

Ruth continues to run Careers Enhanced from a UK base, from where she has developed a customer-base and professional networks that stretch across Europe and the US.  Her approach to career innovation is grounded on the principle that everyone, and every organisation, has the potential to operate to at least some degree in an international context, and her job is to help them to achieve it.

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If you have the pleasure to work with Ruth you will discover her passion and pragmatic energy is infectious. She has a great ability to inspire, co-ordinate and deliver to the highest professional standards.

— Peter Fennah, Executive Leadership & Career Transition Coach. Occupational Psychologist & Director at Career Synergy
  • Career Advancement. Acquire the confidence and the know-how to fulfil your career ambitions in your specialist field.
  • Organisational Development. Accelerate your organisation’s performance and reputation through progressive career management and development
  • International Careers. Stretch your boundaries and release the potential of new opportunities through global career innovation.
  • Careers Profession. Be at the forefront of careers in the UK, Europe and US through keeping in touch with new thinking and networks.

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It would have taken me much longer, if ever, to get to the same place in my career had I done it on my own. Working with Ruth Winden helped me rebuild my confidence after redundancy and to be clear about what I had to offer.

— Senior Manager, Chemicals Industry, Secured career advancement after redundancy