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International Careers NetworkWith the trend for globalisation fast increasing, international careers development  is becoming more and more central to career management.

Careers Enhanced has vast experience in supporting both organisations and employees to stretch their boundaries through global career innovation, and to optimise the success of foreign assignments.

  • Candidate selection for Foreign Assignments. Make the right selection for the best possible chance of success
  • International Career Management. Help employees to evaluate the international opportunity to ensure it’s the right career move for them, as well as planning the right career opportunity to pursue abroade
  • Comprehensive Career Support. Support to you and your partner, helping you to settle quickly into your chosen country, and as importantly plan your re-integration if or when you decide to return.  
International Careers

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With an estimated 75% of international assignments failing, organisations need to plan every aspect with precision detail to give them the best possible chance of success.  The good news is that Careers Enhanced is well placed to help.

— Ruth Winden, Careers Enhanced

Ruth Winden International Careers


The employer who pro-actively provides effective career support for expat partners will have a distinct advantage in the market place. They will also save a lot of money – especially when you think that the average cost of a failed foreign assignment is a staggering $1 million ( = roughly £ 600,000).

— Ruth Winden, Careers Enhanced